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How old do I have to be to order from your website?

You must be over the age of 19 in order to purchase any of our products. Valid government issued ID is required before any user is approved for purchases. If the shipping address is different than the address on your ID we will inquire for further proof of address.

How do I become a Member

We will need to have a copy of government issued photo ID for all accounts.

  • Valid Drivers Licence or Provincial Photo ID are preferred.
  • Personal MMAR or MMPR as well as ACMPR forms are all welcomed to be added to your file but not required to shop with us.
Can I apply over the internet for a membership?

Yes you can , you must fill the application form and attach all the correct documents, the application will be viewed by our staff and if you are approved you will receive a log in information so you can purchase your medication.

How long does it take to process my application

If you correctly submitted all your information and supporting documents you will hear from us within 2-3 business days

How much for shipping ?

We pay the shipping on each order over $75. Orders under $75 will be subject to a $15 shipping fee.

How long will I wait for my order?

Orders are shipped 1-2 business days following the order.  Orders ship via parcel post, shipping times range from 2-7 business days once in the shippers care.

What is your return policy?

On a case by case basis we will evaluate returns only for the following reasons:

  • Broken/damaged goods upon receipt
  • Spoiled product

Please Note:

Due to the natural tendencies of shatter we do not accept returns due to “buddering”. All shatters are kept in a dry and cool environment free of contaminants and are only going through their natural life cycle.

Shatters receive their texture from an alignment of the crystalline structure that occurs naturally during the production. When these crystals are aligned they have a glassy effect, making the product brittle and transparent.

Over time these crystals will become disorganized making the product more of a melted sugar consistency. The shatter still has the same benefits and effects but is more liquid and malleable. How long this takes to happen can vary greatly from a few days to a few months and can actually be sped up by some of the more desirable components such as terpenes.

If you do run into the following issues with your shatter, please let us know immediately:

  • Foreign contaminants (specks, flecks, etc.)

  • Weight discrepancies